Everything e-commerce and we are game and that includes providing amazing e-commerce marketing services too. By working on various B2B, B2C and B2B2C projects the experience we gained on e-commerce keyword optimization, designing col laterals, social media marketing, e-mail campaigns and running SEM and Google ads are immense. Are you looking to get your e-commerce marketing, right?

Why do you need e-commerce marketing services?

Because you cannot afford to miss your share of the market, sample these facts.

– By end of 2019 there would be a staggering 1.92 Billion shoppers who would be buying products and services digitally.
– By 2021 this figure is expected to hit 2.91 Billion of the world’s population. Do you simply want to miss on this?
– 60% of the shoppers prefer to shop online because of the freedom to shop 24/7. Don’t you think you should be where your shoppers are?
– 85% of American shoppers do a thorough online research before buying their products online. This is why you need to get your marketing hat on, isn’t it?

Convinced on why you cannot afford to lose by not taking care of your e-commerce marketing.

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What you can expect from our marketing services?

Marketing is an important element for any business or brand be it e-commerce or even your regular brick and mortar store.

These are the boxes your business can tick after availing e-commerce services us:

  • Gaining customer attention: With our social media marketing, designing and market research skills at your disposal, gaining your customer attention is all but done.
  • Increasing Revenue: Running an awesome email campaign, PPC ads on search engines where your target market is just some of the aces, we hold up our sleeve to increase your revenue.
  • Increasing Traffic: Designing a robust content marketing strategy, increasing social media engagement and adding additional channels to drive insane amount of traffic is what we deploy for your brand.
  • ROI Optimization: Spend little earn more, as simple as that. Bidding the right keywords, writing compelling ad texts and headlines, conceptualizing and designing marketing creatives to drive hot leads to your landing pages are what we do to maximise your ROI.

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What makes our e-commerce marketing unique?

With more than 500 clients across 17 countries and spanning 4 continents we have developed our own team of hardened e-commerce veterans. The experience we get at the table is immense:

  • Industry specific knowledge: We know what works for B2B and B2C, we know what clicks for a brand targeting audience in Australia and what works for a brand from the hospitality industry. This is a trait that makes us unique.
  • Domain specialists: Every marketing resource on our team is a specialist in their unique field i.e Social media, conceptualizing, branding etc. Unlike other agencies which hire mediocre marketers who are jack of all trade, we believe in specialization. This greatly increases the quality of the service we deliver to our clients.
  • We are crazy: This is a streak that sets us apart. Our marketing team keep themselves updated with all the latest happenings around right from Super bowl ad campaigns to the happenings on Wall street. Connecting random dots to design an rambunctious ad campaign is our forte, try us.

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Client Story

How we helped an Italian client target the right audience in less than a month?

Our client based out of Sardinia; Italy had her own tableware business which sold contemporary handmade bowls to customers all over the world. Her primary market was USA but this was where she was missing the mark.

The e-commerce keyword team of SellerSupport set upon the task by analysing her competitors and preparing a detailed US specific keyword list just for her. This generated a increase in American footfalls to her site by more than 36% in less than 20 days after our implementation.

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