Here at SellerSupport, we offer you the facility to migrate seamlessly from a legacy or proprietary e-commerce platform to Shopify. Our expert developers will take care of all the intricacies involved so that you can focus on your business.

Why you should migrate to Shopify?

With the help of SellerSupport’s expert developers, you can migrate from other e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Volusion, and others to Shopify. We will take care of all the data regarding products, manufacturing, customers, billing, returns, receipts, etc.

  • Migrating to Shopify offers a robust theme selection, customization, and mobile support.
  • Migrating to Shopify results in a more reliable and better security for the e-commerce store.
  • Shopify has a wider variety of features, apps, and add-ons than other e-commerce platforms
  • Shopify provides fully automated migration services which run in the background without any need of outside interferences.
  • Selective migration is possible in Shopify Migration where you can selectively choose which data you want to be migrated.
Why you should partner with us for Shopify migration?

With the help of our 9+ years of experience, top-notch services and expert developers, rest assure your store will be transferred with the best security, accuracy, and quality assurance. Products, customers, orders, reviews, and other data will be preserved on your new site. We will make sure all the code, third-party extensions, and themes are set up properly.

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